Message for the Soul: Living a healthy life

The most precious possession a man can ever hold on to is his health. You lose good health, and the world loses all its charm. Being free of sickness is a blessing that many of us take for granted. We probably only realize the true worth of our good health when we fall sick or injure ourselves;. Health not only refers to the wellbeing of the physical body; it also encompasses the mind and the soul. It is important to eat nutritious food and to exercise regularly. It is only then that you will be able to enjoy all the pleasures of life. Age changes a person dramatically. Little do we realize when we are young that there will come a day when our knees won’t be strong enough to hold our weight, or the heart won’t be healthy enough to pump fresh blood into our system; Yet time passes and your body changes. Your digestion may slow down and your eyesight may weaken. It is important to look after ourselves from a very young age to remain healthy in our winter years. A sense of positivity surrounds those who live a balanced life, and it is our responsibility to protect our bodies from our own temptations. It is important to have a system that you can commit to. In India, Yoga is believed to hold answers to all problems. Right from the age of 5, yoga is taught and instilled in children as a way of life. It is taught as a medium to bring your body, mind and soul in tandem with each other. I encourage you to find yours. Find an activity that you wish to do and commit to it. Do it not because someone tells you that it is the right thing to do, but do it for yourself, because you want to make your life better. Even if it means a two-minute ritual of meditation in a quiet room in the middle of the day, if that is your calling then commit yourself to it. You need to compose yourself and clean out the rubbish at all levels. Your body needs to feel physically fit, in order for your mind to feel positive and healthy which in-turn will elevate your soul from petty matters and irrelevant conversations. Deep breathing also has magical powers that one can benefit from. It is not important to spend a fortune on things in order to be healthy. But good health and a balanced life is definitely a fortune that you cant afford to miss out on. Live Healthy!


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