‘Aim’ing for success

Photos Courtesy of Steve Egoavil


Anthony J. Machcinski

Artists from all over the area will converge on the Lithuanian Catholic Community Club on June 2 for “Together”. “Together” is a fundraiser for the “AIM Foundation” put together by North Arlington resident Steve Egoavil.

“The Art in Motion Foundation originated two years ago with a premise that anyone can make a difference,” Egoavil explained. “It was this idea and seeing what was going on in our world from a local to global point of view that I decided to get started in my quest to make a positive difference in the world.”

Since its inception, the AIM Foundation has been able to raise funds for the Lincoln Tunnel Challenge, Wounded Warrior Project, and several other groups and foundations.

A few months ago, Egoavil started thinking of doing another fundraiser after the outpouring of support after the last event.

“I had so many people offer to help me feed and cloth the homeless on one of our annual street cookouts,” Egoavil explained.

Egoavil saw this response as a sign to take the foundation to the next level, saying, “I knew it was time to prepare and make a move towards taking it all to the next level to a real non-profit organization.”

For this fundraiser, Egoavil has been able to collect a menagerie of artistic talent, from DJs, Musicians, Artists, and everything in between.

When asked what he was most excited to see, Egoavil said, “ To be honest, there are so many artists and musicians that will be there, so I’m actually just excited for it all. I’m curious to see how we interact with each other as well as how the guests soak in all the art and entertainment provided.”

One of those artists who will showcase his material is Justin Carty. Carty, an animator and graphic artist from New York City, will cross the Hudson with two large 36’’ by 84’’ oil on canvas paintings.

“Steve asked me if I wanted to be a part of it about three weeks ago,” Carty said on how he got involved. “Steve is a great guy and he said it was for a good cause so I said yes right away.”

Despite taking time out of his busy schedule to set up the event, Egoavil will also take part in the showcase, showing off some of his own work.

“I will be showing off some of the artwork I’ve been working on, (including) a painting, a few photographs, and a drawing, as well as a portfolio of Tattoo Art that I’ve done,” Egoavil explained.

Local band I Am Fighting will also be a part of the fundraiser.

While many of the artists are just happy to showcase their work in such a forum, one simple idea rings true throughout the participants.

“I think it’s for a very good cause and I enjoy contributing to causes that I know will directly help people,” Carty explained.

“The more people that get involved, the bigger the positive impact we make on what we decide to get involved in,” Egoavil added.

The fundraiser will take place on June 2 at the Lithuanian Catholic Community Club at 6 Davis Ave. in Kearny. A suggested donation of $20 will be collected at the door. The fundraiser will be from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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