Art comes in many forms in E. Newark

Photos courtesy of Wendy Born Hollander/ First Grade 3-D artwork based on the book “Bugs in a Blanket”


Photos courtesy of Wendy Born Hollander/ Fourth-grade projects from “Rainbow Star Books” suspended in the East Newark School stairwell.


By Anthony J. Machcinski

A variety of student projects will be featured on May 30 when the East Newark Public School hosts its annual Spring Art Show. The artwork, created by students from the school, will be featured from 5 to 7 p.m. at the school on 501 N. Third St.

“It’s a good way for parents and people in the community to come see what’s happening,” explained East Newark art teacher Wendy Born Hollander.

The art show features a variety of pieces from students from kindergarten through eighth. Some of these projects include Tropical Bird paintings by third-graders, Rainbow Star Books by fourth and fifthgraders, and 3-D landscapes by sixth graders.

The variety of work incorporates what the students are learning in school.

“A lot of times with elementary students, we tie our pieces into books,” Hollander explained. “I can capture their attention.”

For Hollander, who started her art career as an illustrator of children’s books, teaching slowly became part of her life.

“I started working parttime and then found that I liked it,” Hollander said. “I decided to transition from illustration to teaching full time. Being an illustrator, there is never an off-button in trying to find work.”

Now organizing the School’s Art Show, Hollander is looking forward to one thing from the event — “meeting the parents.” “I’ve only met a few parents here and there. The art show is very well attended.”

One special feature about this year’s art show will be the availability of the work online.

“I think it’s great that even relatives in far away locations can see the beautiful work students are doing by just logging onto the website,” Hollander explained.

With the Art Show slowly approaching, Hollander has one main goal for the event.

“I hope that student’s families and friends are able to attend this special event,” Hollander said. “Everyone in the community is invited to come see the creative and exciting art projects students have completed. I’m really proud of what they’ve accomplished.”

The East Newark School Spring Art Show will take place on May 30, 5-7 p.m. at the East Newark School at 501 N. Third St. To view the students work visit http:// school.asp?id=110876.

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