Then & Now



Photo courtesy Kearny Museum (left) Photo by Karen Zautyk (right)
Photo courtesy Kearny Museum                                     Photo by Karen Zautyk (right)

Traffic was virtually nonexistent on Kearny Ave. at Woodland Ave. when the (undated) photo at left was taken. Looking south toward Harrison, one can see only a handful of horses and buggies – and no cars. Which leads us to surmise that the picture dates anywhere from the 1890s to the 19-teens. As for the buildings, surprisingly little has changed. That’s the bell tower of recently closed Knox Presbyterian Church on the left. The building on that corner is still there, minus the awnings, and so are those across the street. The one on the right-hand corner though lost its conical crown – when, how and why are not known. The awning below advertises “Embalming,” which was a relatively new procedure in the U.S. It was not standard; funeral parlors offered it as a special service, and it was initially done in the home of the deceased. – Karen Zautyk (with special thanks to Kearny crossing guard Marian Payne who made sure Zautyk was not run over while standing in the middle of the street.)

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