Sal Padovano and Dr. Mark Zucker at this year’s Heart and Sole walk early October, four months after the transplant.
Sal Padovano and Dr. Mark Zucker at this year’s Heart and Sole walk early October, four months after the transplant.


To the editor:

On June 20 of this year, Sal Padovano of Harrison finally received his new heart. Padovano had been on the transplant list for nine months and battled insurance companies for six months prior. On June 4, Padovano was hospitalized for congestive heart failure and was due to stay in the hospital until or if even the new heart had arrived. We know very little about the donor, just that he was a 53-year-old male and our now angel. There are so many people the Padavano family would like to thank for their help, donations, fundraisers, thoughts and generosity towards their family after an article in The Star Ledger explained Padavano was ineligible for a transplant because he only had one insurance that picked up only 80% of the coverage.

The family never ever could or would have imagined all these people who had interest in our story and helping: Jerry (Spanish Pavilion), Sal (Nino’s Pizzeria), Skip Starr (Riley’s Pub), Alex Delgado and Samantha Cimpric (Kilkenny’s Pub), Mike Warum, Laura Correnti, Matt Ravo, Juan (Juanqui) Barroso, Dyane Marchitto, Carpenter’s Local 15, Mayor McDonough, Harrison PBA, Senator Menendez, Debbie, East Newark Police and Fire Department, Green Room, Kearny Reunion Committee, Marlene (J.D. Photography), Larry Bennett, Larry Kelly, Bob Polding and band, all of New Beginnings and class 5, Camp Fatima of N.J., Harrison EMT’s for their great work, Father Joe from Holy Cross Church, the entire staff at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, numerous individuals from near and far and, of course, all family and friends who were there for support throughout the entire process. We love you all so much. We are so touched. It will forever be remembered and you all will always have a place in our hearts.

Padovano is doing great and continues to progress each day doing things he hasn’t been able to do in years like bowl once a week with his family, taking his grandson pumpkin picking this past Halloween and something as little as walk from the door to the car without having to stop or lose his breath.

Nearly $15,000 was raised.

Sal Padovano & Family, Donna, Amy, Bryan, Jillian and Jayden, Harrison

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