Treating chronic head pain



The National Headache Foundation estimates that more than 29 million Americans suffer from migraines, and these individuals lose more than 157 million work and school days annually due to pain, according to Dr. Richard Ekstein of Smile Design Specialists and New Jersey Headache Center, 312 Belleville Turnpike, North Arlington.

Aside from migraine sufferers, it is projected that 90% of the population also endures other chronic debilitating headaches, Eckstein added.

Ekstein says he now offers a comprehensive treatment program for patients suffering with chronic pain relating to headaches, migraines, tension, and whiplash.

Ekstein said he uses a combination of therapeutic, state-ofthe- art techniques to evaluate and treat patients with pain or discomfort caused as a consequence of improper muscle forces in the mouth, neck, and head area.

“This treatment is badly needed in a subsection of the population that suffers from ongoing chronic head and neck pain. The TruDenta treatment program allows us to give our patients immediate relief and long-lasting results,” he said.

After using the system to evaluate a patient’s pain symptoms and disabilities in the teeth, muscles, and joints, Ekstein said he provides patients with individualized therapy – both in-office treatments and at-home care – tailored to their condition.

For more information and to schedule a free consultation, call Dr. Ekstein toll-free at 844-Head-8-Dr ( 844-432- 3837 ).

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