Through the years I have always been interested in Belleville’s school children and schools.

I am a member of the BUC (Belleville United Coalition) and will continue to be interested.

I’m an old timer. I graduated BHS in 1946 and stayed involved and acted as lead in our seven class reunions.

Our last one with 75 (39 classmates) attending was held at the Forest Hill Club for a 65th. And the money not used for an open bar was used for scholarships and one tree was planted by the flag for our 50th reunion celebration.

You see, then, there are even older people in the town that have never given up. With recent obstacles that are being looked into, we pray for a recovery and look to people like yourselves to help with the recovery.

My love of Belleville is unending and the crisis it has been in for too many years is disturbing to me as a resident and property owner.

With that said, I wish to acknowledge how pleased I was to see [in a weekly newspaper] the pictures of the young adults at their latest event for the 2015 graduation class. How wonderful to see the beautifully dressed seniors.

I have tried for years to get our school personnel to advertise our kids more.

It is important that our kids get seen to the residents as active.

Just a reminder that since our township and school system is trying to recover from a bad era, may we all work together for better times.

Thank you..

Eleanor Strollo 


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