Foot issues? A podiatrist at your service

By Kevin Canessa Jr. 

Observer Correspondent


When Dr. Paul Latora, a podiatrist, was 20, he’d pretty much made up his mind he was going to school to become a pharmacist. But one day that year, he discovered he had a wart on one of his toes.

When he went to the podiatrist to get it removed, he knew, fairly quickly, that he no longer wanted to be a pharmacist – instead, he developed a fascination for the foot, and wanted to go to medical school to become a podiatrist.

And that’s exactly what he did.

“I never had had thoughts of going to medical school at the time,” Latora said. “I was going to pharmacy school – no question. But it all changed pretty quickly after the incredible treatment I received for the wart. The rest is history.”

And indeed it is.

Because Latora is now celebrating 25 years as one of the area’s most noted and well-liked foot docs.

Latora has been in his current office location for the last 15 years in North Arlington, preceded by 10 years in another locale in the borough.

“I’ve loved every minute of that time,” he said. “This is such a wonderful community to serve.”

But just what does a podiatrist do?

Many think of the podiatrist as the doctor to go to when you’ve got an ingrown toenail. Yet Latora says he (and others in his profession) do so much more.

“Some of the more common issues I deal with include heel pain, fungus on the toenail, infections, diabetic sores, sprains, strains, bunions (and) hammer toes,” Latora said. “I do see diabetics often, as well. And diabetics should see a podiatrist at least twice a year because of the potential ailments they could face.”

So in reality, Latora handles all facets of podiatry which, in New Jersey, also means he does ankle work. (Ankle work doesn’t fall under podiatry in every state).

In addition to his private practice, Latora is also Director of Podiatry at the Columbus Hospital Wound Center, Newark, a a position to which he was appointed on Oct. 1.

Latora’s North Arlington office is located at 312 Belleville Turnpike, Suite 1B. He can be reached by phone at 201- 998-3668. Visit his website at Office hours are are: Mondays and Thursdays, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.; and Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Calls are answered 24 hours a day as needed. (Latora also has an office in Paramus that operates two days a week – see his website for details).

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