To the editor: 

I have read your recent article on Al Gilson, Principal at Kearny High School. I would like to point out the article contains erroneous references to me stating that I left the district under the threat of tenure charges and I am working in the private sector. Neither statement is true. I left Kearny under a mutually agreed upon settlement between myself and the Kearny Board of Education – not under the threat of tenure charges as insinuated in the article. In fact, the Observer published the specifics of the settlement last October. Additionally, I am still working in public education, not in the private sector; I am employed by a Central New York BOCES and responsible for school district finances and administering a P›Tech Grant for at risk students. My career in public education continued almost immediately after my settlement with the Kearny Board of Education.

Frank Ferraro 

Former Kearny Schools Supt. 

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