KPD: No Coke. Pepsi.

Three Kearny juveniles who mistakenly thought they were smarter than the cops ended up in custody last week after they stole four cases of Pepsi from a warehouse and tried to escape through the meadows, Kearny police reported,

Police Chief John Dowie said that at 5 p.m., May 27, Officers Giovanni Rodriguez and Kevin Arnesman and Det. Ray Lopez responded to the Belleville Pike facility as part of an investigation into “ongoing management complaints of kids absconding” with soda.

This time, police said, three male juveniles were seen exiting a trailer and running through the rear parking lot.

When Rodriguez got their description and direction of flight, the officers surmised that the trio was headed through the meadows in the direction of Gunnell Oval.

Lopez and Arnesman went there and arrived in time to see the suspects emerge from the weeds, carrying a dufflebag stuffed with Pepsi cans, Dowie reported.

All three – a 15-year-old and two 14-year-olds – were charged with burglary, theft, conspiracy and receiving stolen property and were later released to the custody of their parents/guardians.

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Other recent reports from the Kearny police blotter included the following:

May 23 

Police reunited an infant with her mother after the baby was allegedly taken from a King St. home in a custody dispute.

Officers were called to the residence at 5 p.m. after a report that the father had fled with the child in a silver Acura. Shortly after a BOLO was issued, Lt. David Feldhan spotted the car speeding south on Ivy St. He pulled it over and found the infant unharmed and secured in a car seat.

Arrested was driver Vanderlei Vieira, 23, of Kearny, on charges of assault, making terroristic threats and interfering with custody.

May 26 

Officer Arnesman was on patrol at Stewart Ave. and Elm St. at 4:20 p.m. when his onboard computer alerted him that the registered owner of a passing 2008 Saab had a suspended license and a $1,000 Kearny warrant. Confirming same, he stopped the auto and arrested 35-year-old Kearny resident Luis Moreiradejesus on the aforementioned offenses.

May 27 

Officers Joe Martin and Thomas Floyd responded to Walmart at 10:20 p.m. on a report by security of a cashier “under-ringing” items – in the amount of $706 – and passing them on to a customer/conspirator. The (now former) employee, Mykia Reid, 18, of Jersey City, was charged with shoplifting and conspiracy and was released on a summons.

Her alleged co-conspirator, Tiesha Taylor, 24, of Newark, was not so fortunate. She ended up in the Hudson County Jail, also on shoplifting and conspiracy charges, along with one of hindering apprehension and four outstanding warrants. Police said these included two for shoplifting, in Kearny and Secaucus: one for obstruction, in Paramus; and a theft-related offense in Woodbridge.

The bail for the warrants had totaled $3,500. Taylor’s new bail was set at an additional $25,000.

May 28 

Officer P.J. Hernandez was called to Walmart at 1:30 p.m. after security reportedly observed three individuals, including a juvenile, putting shoplifted items into two backpacks.

A female security officer tried unsuccessfully to stop them as they exited the store, chased them through the lot and saw them enter a vehicle – a photo of which she took with her cell phone. A female occupant of the vehicle then exited it, punched the guard and attempted to take the phone, police said. This proved futile and the assailant got back in the car and fled.

However, police have identified her as Tiana Scott, 26, of Irvington, and a warrant has been issued for her arrest. Thanks to the guard, police also have a nice photo of her car, and its license plate.

– Karen Zautyk 

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