Fireworks, dog bite, thefts: NPD

Between June 27 and July 2, Nutley PD responded to 20 motor vehicle accidents, 34 medical calls, 18 disputes/ suspicious incidents and the following:

June 27 

Conover Ave. residents called police after hearing an explosion at 4 a.m. and seeing shredded red paper – the remains of exploded fireworks – on their front steps, with a small burn mark on the third step.

• • •

Someone broke off the driver’s side mirror of a vehicle parked in a driveway on Ravine Ave., the owner told police.

June 29 

Officers responded to a Park Ave. location on a report of a dog bite. The victim told police they were taking out their recycling as a neighbor was walking a poodle. As the victim went to pet the poodle, the dog bit their knee. Police said the victim refused medical attention.

• • •

The owner of an iPhone 6 reported their phone stolen from a Passaic Ave. convenience store. Police said the phone has been traced by a “Find My iPhone” app to a Belleville location and surveillance video is being reviewed to trace a possible suspect.

• • •

An Emily Ave. resident reported the loss of their dog, a 7 1/2-year-old miniature male Yorkie. The owner told police the dog was in their yard when they heard a car door close and a vehicle race up the street. Checking on the noise, the owner realized their dog was gone, police said. The owner has checked with various animal shelters to no avail.

• • •

Police said the patron of a Franklin Ave. business told them they left their wallet on the counter after having paid for their order but, once seated, could not find their wallet which contained $76, two driver’s licenses, a debit card and a chain store membership card.

June 30 

Police responded to the Post Office on Franklin Ave. on a report of a stolen cellular phone. The owner told police they put their phone on the counter to retrieve their mail and, upon returning, it was gone. Using the “Find My iPhone” app, police were led to a suspect at a Bloomfield McDonald’s who told officers they had found the phone and were returning it to Bloomfield PD. The phone’s owner declined to sign a complaint, police said.

• • •

A report of property damage brought police to a Washington Ave. location where a worker said that while trimming the grass, they likely hit a rock which was propelled through the passenger side of a van stopped near the work site.

• • •

A tree limb from a rear neighbor’s property fell on an Ackerman St. resident’s shed, causing exterior damage, police said.

July 1

The owner of a vehicle parked on Walnut St. reported that upon returning to the car, noticed a jacket sleeve hanging outside the car door and, upon closer inspection, found that the interior was in disarray, the interior light was on and the glove box open. Police said the owner listed as missing, paperwork and a keypad.

• • •

Detectives arrived at a Vreeland Terrace home on a report of theft of $10,000 worth of jewelry from an upstairs bedroom after the owner had guests in the home.

– Ron Leir 

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