Value Act Cleaners opens in Kearny

Newark-based Value Act Cleaners plans to shake up  the competition by offering a low-price strategy and same day service in Kearny.

Value Act Cleaners is offering a simple pricing strategy — $1.99 for most dry-cleaned garment and $1.49 for any laundered and pressed shirt.

The Kearny location opened recently in the Wal-Mart shopping plaza, but the  company plans to add two or three additional locations in the Hudson and Essex  county areas in the coming months, said Jeff Strauss, owner of Value Act Cleaners.

With prices lower than any local competitor, Strauss says his business model is the “Costco of dry-cleaning,”  where his business can provide the same quality you would expect elsewhere, but  at a fraction of the cost.

Most discount dry cleaners, including Value Act Cleaners, require prepayment when dropping off clothes, but unlike many discount cleaners, Value Act accepts all major credit cards.

They also offer same-day service with any order brought in by 9 a.m.

Your items will be ready no later than 6 p.m. the same day.

The customer provides an e-mail or cell phone number and as soon as the order is complete, an e-mail or text is  sent to the customer letting them know their clothes are ready.

Value Act is also hoping to attract women who feel discriminated against at cleaners that charge more to clean a woman’s blouse than a man’s shirt. Checkbook  found that the average price paid in the area to launder and press a man’s shirt was $2.65 while a woman’s shirt was $4.37.

Value Act charges $1.49 to launder and press any shirt, regardless of size or gender. It went with one-price because women make many of the dry cleaning decisions, Strauss said.

The reason women’s blouses cost more to clean is that sizes 6 or smaller don’t fit standard presses and require more labor with hand-pressing. But some cleaners today say they only charge more if they can’t fit the shirt or blouse on the standard press, regardless of whether it’s a small man’s or woman’s shirt.

Strauss said at a time when many cleaners won’t even post prices, they want to take away the guesswork with standardized prices for men and women.

The company uses organic hydrocarbon-based solvents, which cleans as well as perchloroethylene, or perc. The majority of dry cleaners continue to use perc despite being labeled as a “likely carcinogen” or “cancer causing.”

Value Act also offers cleaning of household items as well as wedding dresses and alterations, all of which are done at its Newark facility.


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