To the editor: 

As a South Bergen resident, I am often angered by the lack of respect our region gets from Bergen County government. So much of its attention is focused on other parts of the county, and so much of our tax dollars goes into places such as Van Saun Park or Overpeck Park or buildings and recreation areas in Paramus or Mahwah.

Thankfully, there is one person on the County Freeholder Board who is fighting to keep attention focused on South Bergen. That person is Freeholder Steve Tanelli.

Thanks to Steve’s persistence and input, the county finally addressed the need to upgrade Riverside Park (between Lyndhurst and North Arlington). The improvements have given our children a first-class facility, and it puts our kids on a par with kids in eastern and western Bergen County. Adults now have not only a safe place to relax and to walk, but one we can be proud of.

Thanks to Steve, we no longer feel like the overlooked stepchild of county government. More attention is being paid to South Bergen county roads and bridges and improvement projects than ever before.

Steve Tanelli is running for re-election this year, and regardless of party affiliation, I think all voters should support him. He is the only South Bergen candidate for freeholder and the only one who truly understands our needs and concerns. He is a friend to both Democrats and Republicans and does not let petty county politics interfere with his decision making. Steve Tanelli is the best hope South Bergen has of getting the attention and respect it truly deserves.

Ray Farley 

North Arlington 

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