Letter: Queen of Peace Grammar School is thriving

Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to parents of students at Queen of Peace Grammar School on June 9. It is being reprinted at the request of Ellen Naughton, principal.

Dear Queen of Peace Grammar School Parents:

I know you are aware of the challenges facing our high school. The good news for our colleagues in mission across the street is that they have raised over $165,000 in just 12 days. I am proud that the Queen of Peace Grammar School family has raised $1,221 to support our sister school. We continue to pray for them and do what we can to support their efforts.

As current Queen of Peace Grammar School parents, you realize that the grammar school is vibrant and financially strong. You know that we are a school that nurtures children where they come alive and thrive in a value-rich school with excellent academics. Please help us to extend this message to the surrounding community. Sadly, in recent days, some who are not families of ours, have questioned the viability of our grammar school. We need to dispel this misinformation.

Since 2014, Queen of Peace has been part of the “Lighting the Way” program for Catholic elementary schools. No Catholic elementary school in the Archdiocese has closed in the last two years, something that hasn’t occurred in two decades. We have been attending to the mind, body and spirit of children since 1925, and we eagerly anticipate doing this for another 90 years.

As always, my door is open for questions. We are here, as we always are, during the summer to register new students and give new families a tour.

Ellen Naughton


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