Letter to the Editor July 11, 2018

To the Editor:

I have so many fond memories of the (Pulaski) Skyway and am so glad it is finally done. Jersey City is my hometown and I go home 4 times a year to visit my dad at the cemetery. He was a Vietnam vet, so we used to go to the Skyway all the time when I was a kid when when he picked me up every weekend and when I lived there. And I continue to use it 20 years later as I lost him that many years ago. I travel from Little Egg Harbor to sit with him for an hour. It’s well worth it. Thanks for such a great story on the Pulaski Skyway. I was told by my niece this morning it’s big (your story.) I told her I can’t wait to just come up and see it and ride on it.

Rose Farmer
Little Egg Harbor
Formerly of Jersey City

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