DOLAN: Donate $5 or more to Twisted Cats in Betty White’s memory

To the Editor:

The Star-Ledger article, “What is the #Betty White Challenge?” was informative to those of us who admired this lovely lady. If one would like to honor her due to her love of animals, they suggest sending $5 to a local animal rescue or shelter.

I am suggesting, to Kearny and the nearby communities that benefit from Lenny Twist’s T.N.R. program, a donation to his organization.

Lenny not only feeds feral cats, but he takes them to be neutered to cut down their populating.

Send $5 (or more) in Betty White’s honor to Twisted Cats, Inc., P.O. Box 258, Kearny, N.J. 07032. This is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Make checks payable to Twisted Cats.

Jo-Ann Dolan


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