We’ve Got Mail

To the Publisher:
We just wanted to thank “Darryl” (who informed us that he is a Kearny resident).
We were three stranded ladies on the Parkway on Memorial Day staring in amazement at our tires, which had picked up at least an inch and a half of tar from our brief stop at a rest area.
Darryl stopped, and his entire family, including his “pooch,” waited in his car as he assisted us. Darryl changed our tire and would not accept a small token of our appreciation. We wanted to take his family out to dinner.
We want to say thank you again, and please, if anyone knows who Darryl is, please make sure he sees this and let him know that his act of kindness has not gone unnoticed!!

Debbie Rodriguez, Teena Rae & Tracy Silcox

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