‘History Repeats Itself’

By Lisa Pezzolla

My wide variety of music wouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone if you were around my house growing up. Music was a big part of memories in our childhood and fun for us as mom would play her oldies, rock to merengue, my sister Tina, Mom and I would laugh and carry on as we danced, and my sister would sing into her spoon, which was suppose to be her microphone. Years later, I had spent a weekend at Villa Roma, which was in upstate New York, and to my surprise Jay and the Americans performed. As a child I loved when Jay Traynor would sing “Cara Mia” he would hit notes that were amazing. Music is like a journal in your mind, it brings you back to special moments that we once shared in our past, special moments that strike a cord in your soul. This week’s feature story is on Jay and the Americans that played in Lyndhurst last week. week. Read the story on the next page. It is wonderful that music evolves back around and families can share their stories and go back in time and relive. Next time you listen to your favorite song from the past, close your eyes and reminisce. It will put a smile on your face.

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