Every day is a new chapter

Photo by Karen Zautyk

By Karen Zautyk

This Thursday evening at Oakeside Manor, you’ll have the chance to meet a group of extraordinary teenagers who will be holding an Open Mic and Poetry Reading program to raise funds to support something that has a very special meaning in their lives: a book club.
Teenagers and books? We shamefacedly admit that we were surprised at the connection, having labored under the prejudicial misconception that today’s young people have little or no interest in the written word, unless the words appear on Facebook or Twitter.
But last week, we had the honor of sitting in on a monthly meeting of the Books 4 Life Club, where about a dozen members who had given up a gorgeous summer afternoon to sit around a conference room table spun our brain 180 degrees. These kids not only love reading, they are passionate about it. And about the club itself.

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