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Suzanne is a renowned holistic psychic, life coach, relationship expert. What is unique is that she combines intuitive logic along with holistic clairvoyance. Suzanne is an internationally known clairvoyant, astrologer and and does intuitive readings. She is the 3rd generation of clairvoyant. She has been featured on television shows, radio and on magazines. Email Suzanne any of your questions and read her reply in our next installment of stars in the skies.

Horoscope for  August 2011.
What will happen to you this month? Will you be meeting interesting people or evolve professionally? Both social and sentimental – Suzanne tells you all!

Aries (March 21st – April 21st)
Sentimental: You will be more concerned about your social life, giving less attention to your better half. Yet, he/she will shower you with lavish attention and do everything to make you happy. If you are single, a person from your past will resurface and want to interact once more.
Social: A dynamic and highly creative month. If your work is in the arts, you will be doing wonders. From the 10th, you will act in accordance with your ideas. Lady Luck smiles on you, and your charisma allows you to find support from your friends and co-workers. Around the 24th, it is possible you will receive a new offer with new responsibilities. Don’t be afraid to accept, even if they seem difficult to bear.

Taurus (April 22nd – May 22nd)
Sentimental: You will feel a little lonely at the beginning of month, but you won’t suffer too much from this isolation. On the contrary, you’ll stand back. Around the 7th, love at first sight or a strange meeting could have you spending some good times. In the second half of the month, you will feel surrounded by family and friends, who will bring you much happiness.
Social: The first week will be a little tense. You don’t get what you want, and the climate is somewhat burdensome. Then, things settle in and whatever you had planned will be bearing fruit. You can start to make plans as you are now in the driver’s seat. Around the 25th, it will be beneficial to use some diplomacy in your negotiations. A new position, dossier or even an interesting contract will be offered, but there will be pros and the cons.

Gemini (May 22nd – June 21st)
Sentimental: There could be love at first sight in the air, and you know very well where you are. You’ll experience delicious moments. In your relationship, sensuality will be present. However, you’ll go through some rough times. Beware of scenes of jealousy and doubts, which could poison your life. With your family, you reconcile with those you love. Nevertheless, some conflicts may arise at the end of the month. Stay zen.
Social: A rather quiet month. You do not have the heart for work; it’s better to take a vacation. However, if you are forced to work, better avoid being alone. To move forward and complete your projects, rely on teamwork. Mercury is in your sign and helps you communicate. But try not to act superficially and take into account the opinion of the members of your entourage. They can give you good ideas!

Cancer (June 22nd – July 21st)
Sentimental: The first week of the month can be a little tense. Love is in the foreground of your concerns, but you have many questions, without being able to find a soothing response. In the second half, all goes very quickly, and it is not you who directs the operations. However, you let go but you agree on new grounds with the loved one. Your life takes another turn, and you get out of the routine.
Social: You have your mind on vacation and don’t think too much of the job. Nevertheless, in the second half of the month, there’s a chance you could receive a very interesting proposal. Your future is at stake! Be careful! If you are working in communications or trade, and you can make beautiful business. But be careful not to sell your chickens before they’re hatched.

Leo (July 22nd – Aug. 21st)
Sentimental: You expect a lot from your partner, but he/she has other concerns in mind and cares little for yours. Be patient and avoid criticizing. Better be independent. If you are single, a missed appointment or a setback can give you the impression of not being desired. Do not worry too much, this is only a postponement!
Social: You have good ideas and projects in mind, but you’ll have to keep your feet on the ground. Careful, you shouldn’t let yourself be deluded by a colleague or an unscrupulous partner. You probably know the fable “The Fox and the Crow”? Remember the lesson of this fable and be warned against listening to flattery; it could be at your own expense! Turn a deaf ear to too many compliments. They are probably not sincere!

Virgo (Aug. 22nd – Sept. 21st)
Sentimental: A fairly pleasant month. Couples rely on tenderness and complicity. In the middle of the month, your libido is boosted. You’ll be very sensual and dare the original to spice up your relationship. If you are single, you’ll be surrounded by your friends. A meeting is possible, intense and unexpected. But you will have your mind elsewhere and will be completely unavailable to build a lasting relationship.
Social : At the beginning, a somewhat tense month. You are overloaded with work. A dossier or a problem with your employment prevents you from having peace of mind. Towards the middle of the month, you think about a new direction. Perhaps you feel the need to specialize or get new training.

Libra (Sept. 22nd – Oct. 21st)
Sentimental: It is with your family that you feel more fulfilled. It is possible that you consider planning to have a baby. If you are single, you can be attracted to a more mature man, and you will listen to him with very great attention!
Social: A very active month. If you are on holiday, you won’t stop a second, doing sports and running from one thing to another. If you work, you go into overdrive. Perhaps you are replacing a colleague. You won’t feel the extra work load, because you are well-organized. Towards the end of the month, beware of quarrels with co-workers. Don’t let yourself be influenced and keep your free will.

Scorpio (Oct. 22nd – Nov. 21st)
Sentimental: The sun shines on your love. If you are a couple, you’ll find ways to get out of the routine and experience a second honeymoon with your loved one. If you are single, you deploy your assets to seduce, and it works. But you tend to flutter and not get too attached.
Social: It would be a pity to go on vacation this month, because the planets are pushing you to business prowess. You are full of ideas, you’re well-organized and it helps you expand your network. Your communications abilities open doors. It is an ideal time to request a raise, expect a promotion or find a job. Interesting! Go for it!

Sagittarius (Nov. 22nd – Dec. 21st)
Sentimental :
Demanding, critical, you are not easy to live with. Fortunately, your partner is ready to eat a humble pie and to yield to your whims. If you are single, you can begin a love
story at the beginning of the month. He has many qualities, but you tend to see only his defects. What a pity! Be tolerant, because otherwise you might regret it!
Social: It is all or nothing, but it does not correspond to what you want. Or you want to work and to have responsibilities, but are unemployed or confined to a position that isn’t for you. Or you dream of vacation and are forced to work without being paid
overtime. At the end of the month, you feel more in phase with your desires, but all is not yet perfect. It is only a few months when you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Capricorn (Dec. 22nd – Jan. 21st)
Sentimental: The atmosphere is tense with your spouse, who asks that you be accountable, but you do not want to play to his game. If you are single, you will have many encounters, but it is unlikely that you find the absolute gem. However, you may settle on someone who is a very different person from you and who could intrigue you.
Social: The first 15 days of the month are heavy. You can’t get what you wish. Your colleagues tend to criticize you and do not give you any support. You will feel a little isolated. In the second part of the month, the atmosphere seems to be better. You play the diplomat, and it helps to make yourself understood . From the 25th, you need to cross an obstacle, but you should get there!

Aquarius (Jan. 22nd – Feb. 21st)
Sentimental: Your partner is fussing over you, and if you have any concerns, he/
she will be of great help. However, you are not very easy to live with these days and have a tendency to be rude and impatient. If you are single, you have a tendency to just keep going around in circles and not achieving your goals. An unexpected encounter
may well make your heart beat faster, but this person is not free or does not see that you are flirting. You dream a lot but do not take action!
Social: You are lacking motivation for your work and you feel you’re going nowhere, looking for new for ideas to rebuild your confidence. It is a time for one’s inner self . If you are on holiday, take time to sum up the situation and think about your future. If
you work, you are trying to seize the opportunities that could open doors. It is not easy, as you know exactly what you want.

Pisces (Feb. 22nd – March 21st)
Sentimental: Your rapport with your spouse is still very strong. You are on the same wavelength the first three weeks of the month. As per the 24th, some cloudy days can come to disturb your peaceful time. If you are single, you will be very= popular and a lot of flirting will be directed toward you. You could be meeting a very sensible and sweet man.
Social: Natives of first decan are successful in life and succeed in everything they undertake without fatigue. In return, natives of the 2nd and 3rd decan must be more diplomatic to achieve their goals. You will reach your goal if you have skillfully negotiated. Mark the 19th on your agenda; it should bring you incredible career prospects.
If you are planning on signing a contract, choose that day.

Email Suzanne any of your questions and read her reply in our next installment of
stars in the skies.

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