We’ve Got Mail

To the Publisher,
As a Kearny resident since 1986, and avid Observer reader, I would like to make a couple of suggestions to both the Kearny Police Department and The Observer.
These suggestions will lower crime, and improve the quality of life for all residents.  They will also send an important message to the criminal element that the residents and police in Kearny will work together to prevent crime, and to locate and apprehend wanted persons.
1. All arrests of criminals occurring in Kearny and published by The Observer shall include a photograph of the subject, along with his name, street address and pedigree.
2. The KPD will furnish The Observer with “Wanted” posters of individuals currently being sought by the KPD.
All of the above is public information. The Observer can print a disclaimer indicating these individuals are all presumed innocent until convicted.
How will this help?  As we travel around Kearny, we see people walking up and down the various streets and avenues.  We pay attention to strangers we see near our homes and our neighbors’ homes.  If we see a stranger walking around our neighborhood, and realize that this individual was recently arrested for criminal activity by the KPD, we could contact the KPD.
A large part of (former New York) Mayor Giuliani’s crime-fighting strategy centered on outstanding warrants.  These people were already wanted by the police for criminal offenses, and until apprehended would continue committing crimes.  Publishing “Wanted” posters of  offenders would add several thousand sets of eyes looking for such individuals.
I believe both suggestions are doable with very little cost.
Brian Gaven

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