STOP stealing the street signs

Not content with vandalizing local street signs, some individuals—believed to be young ones—have taken to stealing them. And the borough is cracking down.
According to a press release issued Friday, North Arlington has “been plagued by a rash of street sign thefts and defacements.”
The call to action against the vandals comes from Councilman Joseph Bianchi, who is concerned that the crimes are costing the community money and “creating a poor image of the borough.”
“The theft and defacing of borough property will not be tolerated,” said the councilman, who is asking local residents to report sign thefts to the police.
According to the release, many of the streets signs were stolen along First Ave. and Sixth St. However, one of our local sources told us that the signs for High St. have also been popular, “for obvious reasons.”
Stop signs have also been taken and other traffic signs defaced.

– Karen Zautyk

To read the full story, see this week’s issue of The Observer.

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