See Something? Say Something

By Lisa Pezzolla

It is hard enough keeping your business going on a daily basis without additional trials and tribulations.
For example, there’s the graffiti I found on the side of our building which we’ve had to paint over numerous times.
It is disturbing to see that this vandalism has worked its way into the neighborhood but even more disturbing is the fact that an apartment building has 30 windows facing directly across from our office and you’re going to tell me not one person saw this going on?
So much for “neighborhood watch”.
Have people become that oblivious to what is going on around them? Or afraid to call the police? How about dialing 9-1-1 on your cell phone?
Or why not try capturing the evidence on your picture phone?
On three different occasions, we’ve had American flags taken from the front of our building, the most recent incident happening around Memorial Day, and when a neighbor confronted the thief about the deed and wondered what kind of example he was setting — since he was reportedly doing it in front of his family — the perpetrator simply laughed it off and walked away with the flag.

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