We couldn’t have made it without them

This is a thank-you note. Hurricane Irene turned out not to be the completely devastating direct hit that it might have been.
But Sunday-morning quarterbacks were heard griping immediately about “overkill”
and “scare tactics.”
Those same quarterbacks likely would not have still been around had the hurricane not lost strength and changed direction before it reached here.
I’m one of the people who turned off the TV pre-storm because I was tired of the 24/7
Irene coverage, especially by the forecasters, all of whom appeared to have a different
prognostication. (Don’t they all use the same satellites/ tracking equipment/data?)
Still, “overkill” is better than actual kill. And safe is better than sorry. And there are people among us who worked around the clock, for days, before, during and after the storm to keep the rest of us safe. Even at risk to themselves.
The first responders, especially the police and fire departments, in all our local communities deserve the highest commendation for their labors, and their dedication,
and their self-sacrifice.
These men and women have families and homes of their own to worry about, but when duty calls, they answer. Last weekend, they left their homes and families to protect
The local OEM members were busy even beforehand, days and days before, mapping
scenarios and danger areas and readying their crews for every possible kind of rescue. “What if?” is not idle speculation in their world. While you were out stocking up on
bottled water and munchies, they were huddled around desks discussing how to save your life.
Think about that. Think about them. And the next time you see one, say “Thank you.”
— Karen Zautyk

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