4 arrested in robbery try


Four suspects who allegedly tried to hold up the Exxon station at 22 Passaic Ave. last Thursday night were apprehended by a lone Kearny police officer after they returned to the scene of the crime, authorities reported.
Police Chief John Dowie said the incident began at 8 p.m., May 19, when an auto pulled into the station and the attendant approached the vehicle. The woman who was driving refused to lower the window, Dowie said, and motioned to the back seat. A male passenger sitting there allegedly pointed a large knife at the attendant, who ran into the office and called police. The woman then drove off.
Officer Brian Wisely responded to the call and while he was there, he spotted an auto fitting the description of the suspects’ return to the area. Dowie said Wisely, who was alone, stopped the car and held the four occupants at gunpoint until backup units arrived.
A search of the vehicle reportedly produced the knife.
Arrested and charged with robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery were four Newark residents: two men, aged 19 and 25, and two women, aged 22 and 26. The older man also was charged with possession of a weapon and possession for an unlawful purpose. In addition, he was reportedly found to be wanted on a Newark warrant.
The suspects were remanded to the Hudson County Jail.
— Karen Zautyk

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