Tri-County Camera Club programs

The Tri-County Camera Club will open its new 2011-2012 season with a series of instructional programs and competitions designed to help amateur photographers take more creative and professional pictures. All meetings are to be held on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. in Nutley High School.

The season will feature instructional programs by photographers Phil Echo and Jerry Fornarotto. Competitions will be held in four categories: pictorial (general) images, nature images, creative images, and prints. Competition images are submitted over the internet, projected for outside judges, and then evaluated by them. Slides may also be submitted.

On Sept. 27,  Echo – using members’ own raw images – will demonstrate how to use filters, levels, curves and other methods to make photographs “pop” off the screen.

Fornarotto, known for his sharp and brilliant images, will describe on Nov. 22 how he achieves this effect and offer other tips.

The first three competition programs will feature a trio of well-known New Jersey judges: Vinnie Kempf, Dennis Glennon and Stanley Kantor. Each will judge four images submitted by members.

New members will submit images in the B Group for the pictorial and nature categories, and as they earn award points, they will advance to the A Group and the Salon Group. Creative images, which feature images distorted by the camera, by a computer or by reflective material, are grouped together in one judging. Prints, both color and black and white, are divided into small (less than 8×10) and large (maximum 16×20).

There are no qualifications for membership beyond paying the annual dues of $40. The general public may attend all meetings at no cost, but must be members to compete.

The schedule for the first three months is as follows: Sept. 27, Phil Echo on improving your images; Oct. 4,  nature and print competition; Oct. 11,  instruction program to be decided; Oct. 18,  pictorial and creative competition; Nov. 1, nature and print competition; Nov. 22,  Jerry Fornarotto on powerful images.

All meetings are held in the teachers’ cafeteria at Nutley HS.



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