A free Web-based weight-loss challenge

BELLEVILLE — Clara Maass Medical Center is sponsoring a  Lighten Up 4 Life community weight-loss challenge – a free Web-based program providing tools and resources (including nutrition information, healthy recipes and exercise and wellness tips) to help participants reach their goals.

 The program is listed online at www.barnabashealthlightenup4life.org/claramaass. There are Web pages and videos available, featuring exercise and nutrition tips; an entire section dedicated to healthy recipe ideas, and another focusing on exercises and wellness routines.

 Local businesses, churches, synagogues, college students and residents are encouraged to create four-person teams of co-workers, friends and neighbors to participate in the challenge together.

Studies show that people are more likely to stick with healthy habits, such as regular exercise and healthy eating, if they have support and motivation from friends and family. However, participants can sign up as individuals, or have less than four persons on a team, as well.

Lighten Up 4 Life  operates on a series of 16-week cycles.  The kick-off of the second cycle starts Monday, Sept. 26,  but you can begin the program at any time. Each participant or team must register by going to www.barnabashealthlightenup4life.org/claramaass.


Weigh-ins are based on the honor system.  Every Monday, you will submit your weight loss online. Everyone can submit their own individual weight loss or designated team captains can submit for their teammates.  However, you must submit weight-loss numbers at least once each month to remain in the challenge.


Lighten Up 4 Life does not require you to attend meetings; however, past successful teams have formed their own meeting times and group exercise sessions.


At the end of each 16-week cycle, the team with the greatest percentage of weight loss will be awarded prizes. Grand prizes will be given to the teams who have the greatest percentage of weight loss for the entire year.



If would like to become a community sponsor or partner for the program, or if you would like further information, call the Clara Maass public relations department at 973-450-2996.



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