Get the job done!

By Lisa Pezzolla

Why do we procrastinate?
Why do we put off what needs to be done?
So often we have to get things done and instead we put it off and get caught up in what is not important at the time, only to make it more difficult and harder in the long run.
We don’t actually enjoy what we are doing but don’t want to focus on what needs to be done. It builds more anxiety and stops us from enjoying ourselves as well; it becomes a vicious cycle and only you have control over it.
I have found myself procrastinating.
I am not lazy, but I find myself overwhelmed and not sure which way to turn at times. I am very fortunate to have a few close friends and new friends who have entered my life and have been a big support system in helping me focus and set my priorities.
We so often put off what we need to do – as simple a thing as telling a friend, family
member or loved one that you love them. Picking up the phone up and telling that
person you were thinking of them, because tomorrow they might not be there to tell.
Or the project that is due at the end of the week and you still are pondering the thought two days before. It drains you of energy and is so unnecessary.
We can’t always enjoy what we are doing all the time, but what I have learned this past
year – as I begin knocking off what I have procrastinated – is that I made it more difficult in the long run and I wasted more energy thinking about what I should be doing, instead of doing.
So I end this by pledging to tackle the paper work that I have been procrastinating doing for the past two weeks.

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