Investors Bank celebrates new locale and loyal customers with VIP reception

Photos by Jennifer Vazquez/ The facade of the newly opened Investors Bank building, located at 300 Bergen Ave.


Photos by Jennifer Vazquez/ Market manager Betty Spiropoulos, branch manager Maria Hernandez and Executive Vice-President Director of Retail Banking Paul Kalamaras were present at the VIP reception, sharing their excitement over their new building with those in attendance.


By Jennifer Vazquez

Observer Correspondent

KEARNY — Investors Bank hosted a VIP reception this past Wednesday, Sept. 12, at its brand new building.

The event, which took place at 300 Bergen Ave., was a night dedicated to the bank’s most loyal clients -individuals, companies, businesses and otherwise -within the surrounding community.

Despite the fact that Investors Bank’s new offices have been up and running for a few of weeks, the night was also dedicated as a celebration to the new building.

“We are very excited,” branch manager Maria Hernandez said. “(The new location) is a great opportunity to establish new relationships and services.”

The banquet was a hit, with more than 100 people attending the event, according to Hernandez. Kearny Mayor Alberto Santos was also present.

The event provided drinks and an eclectic variety of hors d’oeuvres, pastries and finger foods -even a sushi chef and servers were on site to assist the attendees’ palatable needs. The night also featured raffles -allowing those present to win gift cards.

The event proved a success, not only due to the fantastic outcome, but because of the story surrounding this particular Investors Bank.

This latest office building is a great departure from its original location inside Seabra’s -a local supermarket specializing in Portuguese and Spanish food. The new location is across the parking lot from the supermarket, so clients will still have the convenience of the same locality as before, according to Hernandez.

Due to the grander size of the new locale, management and personnel at Investors Bank are looking forward to providing its costumers an even better banking experience, including adding on to their own staff numbers.

“Going from where we came from -a tiny space in Seabra’s where three costumers barely fit at a time, to coming to this beautiful new building is great,” Hernandez said.

Executive Vice-President, Director of Retail Banking Paul Kalamaras agreed wholeheartedly.

“Our culture is about helping our costumers,” Kalamaras added. “With these new offices we are ready and even more equipped to do so.”

It seems that the entire bank staff shares the same sentiments.

“Compared to where we were before, this is incredible,” Market Manager Betty Spiropoulos said. “I literally have goose bumps. This (opening) is great for the branch and for the community.”

According to Investors Bank’s official website, the organization aims “to become the largest community bank headquartered in the State of New Jersey…Investors Bank has grown rapidly over the past few years, and continue(s) to review strategic growth opportunities within the Garden State. This growth will allow (Investors Bank) to expand (its) offerings to consumers, businesses, nonprofits and local government agencies.”

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