In the dark


By Lisa Pezzolla

Last week brought us back in time as we brought out battery-operated radios (if you own one), candles, flashlights, and used wood and gas fireplaces to keep warm. It gave families time to talk face-to-face without the distractions of the television, cell phones and all the technology that we use on a daily basis. The storm brought kids out of the bedroom, game boards took the place of computer games, and the postal service became our e-mail.  What a culture shock? Each day we use our phones, computers and televisions in order to get news, forgetting the simple things in life like a book or a newspaper. Once again, technology shows us that without it, daily life comes to a stop. We need to remember the basics. One thing for sure we were all able to do was go out and pick up a newspaper to catch up with what was going on around town or read up on current news. It shows the strength of the newspaper. Even with our advances in technology, we can still reach you the old fashioned way!

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