The Energy Within

It’s quite a quandary. A meal with excess salt is scarcely welcomed, and a meal with little to no salt added for flavoring is rarely appreciated. What is most talked about and remembered, however, is a meal that is cooked well with the correct combination of condiments.
We can make our lives better if we apply the same formula to our existence. We must learn to create a balance in our lives. We must live to the fullest, laugh whole-heartedly and forgive easily. This mantra not only helps us purify body and soul, but also enables us to understand ourselves better and to become better people.
In some countries around the world, such as India, it is believed that every human form is born with seven energy centers within them. As long as these energy centers are in balance with one another, one is destined to live a fulfilling and a joyous life. Conversely, it is believed that even a minor imbalance in any one will throw things out of whack; leading to elevated stress levels and ill-health. If left unchecked, this will ultimately result in a sorrowful life.
This explains why we sometimes encounter people who talk negatively, or wish ill upon others. Since they are unhappy and out of balance, they simply strike out at others.
It is important to rise above your situation and take control of the things that make you smile. If fortune doesn’t favor you, don’t give up! Find an alternative. Don’t let obstacles cloud your thinking. In such times, I highly recommend energizing your will power. When you do that, success will be within reach.
Your life is in your hands. Try carrying along the right intentions and you will see how different the air feels around you. Refresh yourself, enable your mind, body and soul to function in balance. Do what is right to rebuild from the scars of past betrayals. In this way, you will live a life that is truly worth living.


About the author…

Shweta Punjabi’s credits are as numerous as they are varied. In addition to her skills as a renowned Tarot Card reader, Punjabi has also prepared daily horoscopes for Mid-Day, DNA, and Yuva newspapers, and Seventeen India magazine. Punjabi has also functioned as a television host for Walt Disney Television, India.
Ms. Punjabi’s offerings will include horoscope and dream interpretation, principles of numerology and color therapy: in short just about anything and everything that currently carries an “alternative” tag.

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