Message for the Soul: Don’t Quit!

Have you ever felt so tired of pursuing your dreams that at times you have just wanted to end the wait and give up? We have all experienced that feeling at one point or another. It is not unnatural to feel that way. A positive mind is very fragile. Its optimism can easily be harmed with the various stresses we encounter in our daily routine. We may often be tempted to compromise on our ambitions and settle for something less than we desire only because what we want takes longer to arrive than expected. Although it may seem like an easier path to take at the time, it is not necessarily the shortcut to success.
Life is all about choices. We are who we are today because of the decisions we knowingly or unknowingly made in the past. Each new day gives us another chance at making an informed choice. I understand that working hard towards your goals each day is tough when you have nothing much to show for it; but I urge you to carry on. Don’t quit at this stage. If you learn to master the art of excellence, success can’t be too far behind.
In Asia, people keep an “intention sachet” made of bay leaves and cinnamon in their bags and wallets. It is believed that this helps in developing will power, concentration and patience. A dream-catcher also works in a similar way. But these things will only work if you have faith. You need to have faith in yourself before anything else. If you think you deserve better, then don’t let any temptation convince you otherwise.
Know your worth and I don’t mean this in a financial way. Focus on your relationships, both business and personal. Get feedback from those who matter to you. Learn how important you are to them. This exercise will help you understand and accept that you are truly a wonderful creation. Don’t live your life thinking it is ordinary. You are unique and so are your experiences. And now you can make it even better by pursuing your ambitions.
Go the distance; that extra mile may actually help you achieve all that you have always wanted. Yes, it may take time and some extra effort, but a palace takes longer to construct than an ordinary building. Don’t fret the wait. Even if you feel lost and bewildered, hold on to that dream, clear your thoughts and start marching again. Always remember that winners never quit!



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