Building good Karma

We have all heard wise people preach that the things we do today are like the seeds we sow in the fertile soil of time – the fruits of which we will reap at a later date. How many of us actually understand this thoroughly and alter our actions today to make provisions for the future? In India, this thought is given supreme importance and is known as Karma.
If we are willing to accept the principle of cause and effect in nature and an action and a reaction in physics, we must realize that as human beings we too fall in the same natural order of the universe.
To understand Karma, we must understand our thoughts, our actions and ourselves. While doing good things for another will bring the good back to you, this theory also stands true for the evil.
We all lead stressful lives and if there is one thing we can do to alleviate that pressure from our daily routine, it is to start building on our asset accounts. Consider this a balance sheet of one’s life. Your focus should be on increasing your assets and reducing the liabilities. By doing a good deed, you are making someone smile. Perhaps your good act is just enough to make this person feel like extending the gratitude to another and then to another, which will perhaps one day form a complete circle that will come back to you when you need it the most. If this is to happen, you have to make a choice today.
Ask yourself if you prefer a feeling of pleasant surprises, joy and contentment coming your way, or the anxiety and sorrow of evil? Your actions today and every new day will decide that.
While we are still in the holiday season, I encourage you to try and spread some hope and happiness to others. Let’s pledge to do something nice for someone today. Spread some warmth. This act will not only bring joy to another soul, but will also make you feel good about yourself, knowing that you are responsible for the smiles. Here’s wishing you a wonderful Karma!


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