Harrison Police Blotter

Dec. 28
Four vehicles parked in a private parking lot were burglarized.  Among the items stolen were loose change, a watch and a portable GPS unit.
A vehicle parked on Bergen St. beneath Route 280 was broken into.  Nothing was assumed stolen at that time.

Dec. 27
A vehicle parked on Bergen St. beneath Rt. 280 was broken into.  A portable GPS unit was stolen from the vehicle.
The window of a 1995 Nissan Maxima was broken while it was parked in the municipal parking lot on Washington St.

Dec. 26
At 1:06 a.m. police observed Fabian Guaraca-Mendez, 32, of Newark, operating his motor vehicle without its headlights on while he was talking on a cell phone at Harrison Ave. and Second St.  A motor vehicle stop resulted in Guaraca-Mendez being arrested for DWI.  Guaraca-Mendez also carried an outstanding warrant from Seaside Heights for which he was released upon his own recognizance.
Emilio Cantarero, 51, of Harrison, was arrested for shoplifting a can of Spam from a Harrison Ave. business.  He was released on a summons.
A 1995 Honda Civic was broken into while it was parked on Passaic Ave. beneath Rt. 280.  The vehicle’s radio was stolen from within.

Dec. 23
Upon responding to a parking complaint, police found Adrian Pinzon, 32, of Harrison, asleep in his vehicle while it was running.  Investigation revealed Pinzon to be intoxicated and he was arrested for DWI.
Frank Rodgers Blvd. North was burglarized when thieves smashed the front window and removed the cash register from within.

Dec. 22
A baseboard heating system and copper piping were stolen from a home being constructed on Sixth St.
Manuel Achompongo, 44-years-old and homeless, was arrested for disorderly conduct within Holy Cross Church.  Achompongo was released on a summons.
A small quantity of a substance suspected to be marijuana was found on the property of the Harrison Gardens and turned over to HPD by the Housing Authority staff.
Three vehicles parked on Bergen St. beneath Rt. 280 were broken into.  Portable GPS units were stolen from two of the vehicles.

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