The Healing Helpers

Our friends bring us joy. They guide us, protect and support us through good times and bad. Many would agree that without these special people to celebrate with, our lives would be incomplete. But having given our human friends their due credit, it is important that we also thank our furry and feathered friends who bring us much joy and delight. What I love about animals is that they live in the moment and love us unconditionally. For many of us, our pets are nothing short of earth angels. In fact, “pet therapy” is an alternate form of healing now widely accepted as one of the most unusual but effective techniques in the healing of emotional and mental behavior.  Companion animals are being introduced into therapeutic programs at hospitals, rehabilitation and behavioral-health centers. In some cases these loving beings help in the coordination of the physically challenged and also help those with special needs.

Pets have a brilliant knack of making space for themselves in your heart and your home. They get you to fall in love with them as much as they love you and soon become a part of your family. The benefits are plenty, but it comes with a big responsibility too. It is our duty to look after our friends and not abuse or mistreat them in any way. Let’s begin the New Year with compassion. I urge you to do something special for these loving souls. Be kind to them. Let us understand that we have the power to bring about a change in the society. A small step at our end may see a change in attitudes of the people around us. We can set an example in our own little ways. I suggest we take a stand against cruelty. If there is one thing these loyal lives deserve, it’s our protection!

Let’s spread the message of love. Let’s extend our care and appreciation to all beings, big and small. Let’s make a change!


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