Be alert for fake public workers

Two incidents regarding a fake public works agent have taken place this week. Two residents of different locations were approached by what they described as a male, possibly Hispanic, of average height and build with dark hair.

Upon gaining entrance into a Pavonia Ave residence, the man, who claimed he was checking the water, managed to get to the second floor and steal jewelry from.

After these incidents, Kearny Police Chief John Dowie wanted to send a message to residents of the area, to not only be on the lookout for this man, but to watch out for other incidents.

“You should know the condition of your own house, and not have someone tell you that,” Dowie explained. “Also, be aware of the time and day of the week. Town employees work 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. or 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.”

Town employees are required to have town-issued identification cards. Most town and public services vehicles are marked.

“Don’t be afraid to question them,” said Dowie. “You can ask them who sent them, where they’re from, and why they were sent.”

Deputy Chief James Corbett backed up Dowie’s statement by saying, “Anytime you have the least bit of suspicion, call the police department. People shouldn’t be nervous or embarrassed to call us. We’ll determine if the person is legitimate. That’s what were here for.”

For inquiries, call the Kearny Police Department at (201)- 998-1313. The fake public works official is currently on the loose. The suspect is described as a Hispanic male of average height and build with dark hair and a blue pea coat.

— Anthony J. Machcinski

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