Harrison Police Blotter

Jan. 17

A warehouse in the south end of town was burglarized and about eight rolls of copper wire, valued at $30,000, were stolen. The theft is under investigation.

Two vehicles parked at a private lot on Essex St. were broken into. A GPS unit and sunglasses were taken.

A 2000 Honda Civic was stolen from the municipal parking lot on Essex St. and another car was broken into while it was parked in the same lot.

Jan. 16

A passenger who took umbrage at the price he was charged by a taxi driver reportedly took out his wrath on the driver, according to police. Antonio Perpiglia, 23, of Orange, was arrested on a robbery charge after police say Perpiglia punched the driver on Frank Rodgers Blvd. South and took back the $60 fare that he’d paid for his ride. The cabbie, 31, of Sunnyside, N.Y., was taken to St. Michael’s Hospital, Newark, for treatment of his injuries. Perpiglia was taken to the Hudson County Jail, Kearny, to await court action.

Tyrone Manns, 51, of Newark, was arrested on an outstanding warrant from Newark after he was seen checking an alleyway in an area of Frank Rodgers Blvd. South. He was released by Newark Police pending a court appearance in that city.

Jan. 14

Jonathan Velarde, 38, of Kearny, was issued a summons for urinating in public on Harrison Ave. Police said Velarde was drunk at the time. A bit later, police said Velarde was observed operating a motor vehicle in the same area. He was stopped and placed under arrest on a DWI charge. He was released pending court action.

Jan. 13

Gregorio Laos, 23, of Harrison, was arrested on Frank Rodgers Blvd. North on a Superior Court warrant stemming from a Harrison charge for allegedly stalking a minor. Laos was transported to Hudson County Jail, Kearny, to await court action.

A Franklin Ave. resident reported that a package delivered by the U.S. Postal Service was stolen from her hallway.

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