Hudson County Bar Association meets in Kearny for first time ever


Kearny members of the Hudson County Bar Association


By Anthony J. Machcinski

A historic event took place in Kearny on March 8 when the Hudson County Bar Association held its New Jersey State Bar Night at the Irish American Association.

The meeting, which had not been held in Kearny before the March 8 affair, is an effort from Bar Association President Brian J. Neary to unite all the lawyers in Hudson County by traveling to the different towns in the county.

“The Hudson County Bar Association is comprised of many single and small firms (that generally serve their towns),” Neary said.

“The overall goal is to bring the lawyers in the county together, that’s how I see it,” said Stephen Mc- Currie, Vice President of the Hudson County Bar Association. “Hudson is one of the few counties in the state where most of the lawyers are solo or in small firms. This is an effort to reach out to some of the local attorneys in other towns.”

According to the Hudson County Bar Association’s website, its mission, “is to promote a professionalism and legal camaraderie within the legal community, to aid in the administration of justice, to enhance the delivery of and access to quality legal services, to educate the public about the legal system, and to actively participate in the success of the community at large.”

Neary helped to create that camaraderie on March 8 when he came to the event in his family’s kilt, doing his best to evoke the spirit of the month of March.

“I used to march in the Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day parade every year, but without the parade I had to bring it out this year,” Neary said.

Hudson County Bar President Brian J. Neary (center) with Bar Association Honorees Susan A. Feeny and Paul McCurrie


The event, attended by roughly 100 people, also honored one of Kearny’s longest cherished lawyers and town fixtures.

Paul McCurrie, of McCurrie, McCurrie & McCurrie, L.L.C. at 680 Kearny Ave., has been involved in the legal profession for the past 50 years.


“It makes me feel very proud (to be honored in Kearny),” said Paul McCurrie, who was born and raised in Kearny and graduated from Kearny High School.

“It makes it more meaningful and really personal that he is being honored in Kearny,” said Paul’s son Stephen McCurrie, who also hails from Kearny.

Paul, a man with strong Kearny roots who has become a fixture in the town, had held several positions both with the Hudson County Bar and with the town itself, becoming the Kearny Town Attorney from 1961 to 1963.

Paul McCurrie was also a U.S. Navy officer, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade during his tenure with the Navy from 1954 to 1958. His service to his country was a time that defined McCurrie’s life.

Paul McCurrie r. shares a moment with his son Steve (center) and President Brian J. Neary.



“I grew up in the Navy,” McCurrie said. “When I went into the military, I was young. I was a man when I came out of it. I always felt very happy I had that experience.

After returning to Kearny, McCurrie became a lawyer in his uncle’s firm, then under the name of McCurrie and Therring.

“When (my uncle Bob) withdrew, I had the opportunity to become the attorney.” McCurrie explained.

Once in the firm, McCurrie continued to become the town fixture that he has been today. According to a biography posted in the program for the event, McCurrie, “has continuously dedicated his services to better the community and has always enjoyed serving his fellow Kearny residents.”

The Hudson County Bar Association State Bar Night saw more than 100 lawyers come together at the Kearny Irish American Association.


However, McCurrie found more significance in the event’s placement than his honoring at the event.

“Two of my children (are practicing) here in Hudson County and I just felt very happy for them,” said the elder McCurrie. “I knew this would help them throughout their years as they go along

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