News from the Belleville Police blotter

June 7

Officers responded to 313 Union Ave. at 4:50 p.m. on a stolen vehicle report. The vehicle, a silver 2003 Audi with its keys in the ignition, had been parked for a short time at the corner of Joralemon and Union before being stolen. A surveillance camera at the location showed a red Durango pull up behind the Audi. A black male wearing a hoodie exited the vehicle and proceeded to steal the Audi. The vehicle was last seen headed south on Union Ave. towards Newark. Police are investigating.

A home burglary and theft occurred at 15 Tremont St. It was reported at 7:52 p.m. The crime victim told police that when she returned home she noticed that her front door was closed but unlocked. Many items were found to be missing including televisions, computers, digital cameras and DVDs. The kitchen window was found slightly ajar and a flower pot standing beside it was moved, which suggest that this may have been the intruder(s) point of entry. Police are investigating.

Officers patrolling the area of Honiss St. observed a black female walk up a residential driveway at 45 Honiss and look through a house window at 10:24 a.m. After stopping the woman to question her motives, a background check revealed that she had outstanding warrants from Newark for $200, two warrants from Orange totaling $885, and one from E, Orange for $1,000. Tanisha Jones, 39, of Newark was arrested and turned over to Newark authorities.

June 6

A burglary and theft was reported at 86 Magnolia St. at 8:18 a.m. The victim stated that she left her residence at 6:25 a.m. When she returned a short time later she noticed “numerous pieces of jewelry missing from the bedroom.” The air conditioning unit at the front of the house appeared to be “moved and out of place” according to the woman.

Officers observed a man looking into the windows of several parked vehicles on Newark Ave. at 11:23 a.m. When stopped and asked why he was looking into the windows, the man replied, “to see my reflection.” A background check revealed that the man had an outstanding warrant from Jersey City for $164. Reginald L. Yarbrough Jr., 32, of Jersey City, was arrested and turned over to Jersey City authorities.

June 5

Officers were dispatched to the area of Joralemon Ave. and New St. on a motor vehicle accident with injuries call at 11:32 p.m. When they arrived, they found two damaged vehicles and a female driver seated in one of the cars. The woman, who was crying claimed that she wasn’t injured and refused medical attention. She said she was driving on Joralemon St. talking on her cell phone and struck one parked vehicle. A subsequent check by police revealed that five vehicles had been hit at that location. While speaking to the woman, officers detected a strong smell of alcohol on her breath. When confronted, the woman stated that she had consumed five beers “about an hour ago.” The woman, Roselene R. Duarte, 50, of Kenilworth, was arrested for D.W.I. and issued several motor vehicle summonses. She was released on her own recognizance.

June 4

Officers were dispatched to 9 Frederick St. at 8:59 p.m. on a report of a lost or stolen cell phone. The caller told police that he had seen his teenage son’s cell phone taken by a young man and woman who were currently standing across the street. When officers approached the duo, the young man began to walk away. Upon doing so, he reached into his left back pocket and retrieved a “blunt object” which he then threw to the ground. Officers ordered him to halt. The object that he had discarded proved to be a steak knife with a fixed blade. A black Samsung cell phone was also found on the ground. The victim identified the young man and woman as the individuals who took the cell phone. The boy, from Bloomfield, was arrested for possession of a weapon and theft. As this occurred, the girl (from Newark) became irate and began to strike one of the officers while reaching for his duty belt. She was subsequently arrested. Both juveniles were released to their parents.

-Jeff Bahr

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