Protect us from the Passaic

To the Editor:

On July 23 on the news, Gov. Chris Christie clearly stated, “There will be other storms. Hopefully, not as severe as Sandy.” He was addressing those down the Shore. What, if anything, have you seen done from the Newark Basin up river to Harrison, Kearny, North Arlington, Lyndhurst, Rutherford? The state can build sound walls up and down every road in New Jersey but they can’t build a retaining wall along the Passaic River.

The sound on the highways wasn’t going to destroy peoples’ lives or cause the loss of belongings, family pictures, everything they worked for all their lives.

Federal, state and county government had no problem selling us down the river by allowing every form of contamination seep into our lives and for unknown reasons they refuse to save us from the river.

The Jersey Shore was a onetime issue and every agency ran to its rescue and continues to – we in this area have been hit four times primarily due to the lack of due diligence. With a wedged 30-foot boat, blocked channels, and much, much more, the erosion has gone unchecked.

Marie Cush


Thank you from Lyndhurst Health Department

The Lyndhurst Health Department would like to thank the following groups and businesses who helped make its first annual Senior Health Fair a great success: AAA, Al Ferrara of BCHS, Audiology and Hearing Aid Solutions, Clara Maass Medical Center, Dave Mihlon of Park Financial Group, Gentle Dental, Haley Chiropractic, JFVS, Kessler Rehabilitation Center, King’s Court, Rite Aid of Rutherford, Senior Helpers, Specialty Medical Services, Walgreens of North Arlington, Woman’s Club of Lyndhurst, and YMCA Area Meadowlands. The Health Department would also like to thank the Lyndhurst Pastry Shop and Shop Rite of Lyndhurst for the generous donations of cookies and fruit platters.

Sarah Anderson

Public Health Nurse/ Health Coordinator

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