Dear Editor:

In this difficult time that when so many have suffered such an enormous loss due to the devastation from “Super Storm Sandy” it’s wonderful to know that there are people who are giving so much.

A group of Kearny firefighters have been spending their days off helping the victims of the storm. They send out an e-mail with an address and those who can, show up to work. I have a home that had so much damage to the first floor; it all had to be removed. Early in the morning, 14 firefighters and even one of their wives were at my door and within five hours my home was torn out and the damage removed. This is what they have been doing since the storm. They are not being paid, and they are not doing it for recognition. They are just giving of their time and of themselves. This is what they do. I believe that the people of Kearny should know this. I am a resident of Kearny and I am so very proud to know that these firefighters do this just because they want to help.

Jarlynn Hyde


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