Getting ‘Real’ about tress distress



By Karen Zautyk

Observer Correspondent


Fans of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” lined up inside a local beauty salon Saturday afternoon for the chance to get up close and personal with Teresa Giudice, considered by some the most glamorous, and intense, member of the cast.

Giudice, who made her mark in Season 1 by toppling a dinner table, showed none of that tempestuousness at the “Meet & Greet” at the Hair by David salon, 534 Kearny Ave. She was all glitter and style and charm as, from 2 to 4, she met with her public, signing autographs and graciously posing for photos with one and all.

The occasion was a promotion for her recently launched hair-care line, called Milania. Although officially introduced just a bit more than a month ago, on Feb. 18, Milania apparently has been gathering its own loyal fans at a rapid pace.

More than one of the women who attended the event told us it was love of the product, as much as affection for Giudice, that led them to Kearny that day.

Milania is named after one of Giudice’s four daughters — the others being Gia, Gabriella and Audriana. It was chosen by a vote of fans on Facebook and Twitter, Giudice told us, noting, “It fits!”

Giudice, also known for her appearance on “Celebrity Apprentice” and as the author of three best-selling cookbooks, could have lent her creds to any number of products, so why hair care?

She told us the choice was the result of personal experience: all the damage her own hair was suffering thanks to “all the straightening irons and the curling irons and the blow dryers” used to prep her for her TV appearances.



“I wanted three good products,” she said, and sought the help of friend and beauty-industry guru Jerel Sabella, who developed formulas for the Milania line: the Total Vitamin Leave-In Treatment, the Keratin Heat Protector and the Argan Oil Infusion Serum. All of them designed specifically to increase moisture and shine in heat-damaged hair.

Salon owner David Antunes said Milania was first brought to his attention by his sister Elizabeth Aranjo of Morris Plains, who raved about it. He started offering it to his clientele, “and we had such a great success selling it; it has just blown off the shelves.”

Antunes contacted Giudice via social media regarding Milania’s instant popularity at the salon, and the “Meet & Greet” was arranged.



The products were for sale, of course ($24.99 apiece or $49.99 for the set of three), but the event, Antunes said, was also “a great way for her to meet her fans.”

Giudice publicist Dina Elliot noted that the Kearny visit was among the first in a series they have planned to promote Milania. Teresa “loves” the events, Elliot said. “She is so grateful and appreciative of her fans’ support, and she loves hearing the feedback.”

We had one more question for Giudice: What can you tell us about the new season of “Real Housewives”?

“It’s definitely a season you don’t want to miss,” she said. She’s not giving away any secrets. Except how to glamorize your hair.

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