Physical rehab at Theraphysical



Just 13 months old, a new Lyndhurst enterprise featuring physical rehabilitation is settling in, offering walk-in emergency care to those in need.

Located on 518 Stuyvesant Ave., Theraphysical is a patient facility specializing in post-surgical treatment, athletic injuries, and any type of muscle/joint tension.

Magdalena Buczek and Ewelina Taszyniec founded Theraphysical, opening up offices on Sept. 4, 2012.

Buczek graduated from William Paterson University, receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Biological Sciences, before enrolling at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey at Rutgers University, where she later received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Her prior experience and training took place at New York University and Hackensack Medical Center.

Taszyniec is a licensed physical therapist assistant who received her schooling at Union County College and Kean University. Her work experience dates back six years, mostly at the Kessler Rehabilitation Centers.

“I was always helping as a kid,” Taszyniec stated. “I was enrolled in ballet school in Poland, which directed my awareness to the human body and it’s movements.”

Both women decided to base the principles of Theraphysical on hands-on, manual techniques, insisting that the rapid advancements in technology are taking away from the therapeutic experience, causing a lack in human care.

Craniosacral therapy, for example, is one of the many treatments offered at Theraphysical and involves light touches on the bones of the skull, spine and pelvis, releasing tension and stress.

Despite the more practical approach, Theraphysical still manages to offer cold laser treatment and kinesio taping (typically for athletes).



“We like to be directly involved with our patients, rather than having them sit on a machine for 45 minutes,” Taszyniec said. “Our methods in turn allow the patient to become more involved, too. It’s a learning experience.”

Buczek and Taszyniec have a bright future planned for Theraphysical. They regularly attend seminars and meetings, and are looking to host a few of their own to educate those undergoing physical therapy in the area.

Theraphysical is also looking to expand its offices into new locations, even opening up a pediatrics center exclusively for children.

Theraphysical will be hosting guest speaker Ninette Jackson on Friday, Oct. 25, 7 p.m. for the “Keep Your Family Naturally Healthy During Winter 2014” event. Refreshments will be provided. To R.S.V.P call 201-340-4656.

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