To the editor:

I wish to thank and applaud The Observer for publishing the remembrances of Msgr. John J. Gilchrist of November 22, 1963 when he recalled ministering the last rites to an elderly man likely forgotten to history at the same time an assassin’s bullet brought to an untimely end the life of President John F. Kennedy. More importantly, the story told by Msgr. Gilchrist teaches us that everyone’s life has value, from the President of the United States to the least among us.

As a former parishoner of Holy Cross Church during the years that Msgr. Gilchrist was its pastor, I can attest that he was the living embodiment of this lesson. Monsignor treated every person as if they were president and would have treated the president no better or worse than any other person.

I believe that since that terrible day in November 50 years ago, Msgr Gilchrist has been more important to the spiritual health and welfare of the West Hudson and South Bergen community than any elected official, and I thank God for the opportunity to have known this good man.

Tom Zammatore

North Arlington


To the editor:

Your Nov. 20, 2013 edition remembering John F. Kennedy was wonderful. Any American will remember with shock and sorrow those days that followed for the rest of their lives. Thank you so much for the fantastic report of other Americans and how they felt and Mgrs Gilchrist ’s wonderful and very human memories.

Regina Smith

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