N. Arlington woman wins injury case

A North Arlington resident who was involved in a multicar crash on May 11, 2011, was awarded $300,000 as a result of injuries she sustained when her vehicle was rearended and then pushed into the vehicle in front of her.

The accident on Meadowlands Parkway in Secaucus happened when the plaintiff ’s car was stopped at a red light and was struck in the rear. The force of that impact pushed the plaintiff ’s vehicle into the vehicle in front. All together there were four cars involved in the accident.

The North Arlington woman suffered injuries to her neck and back which resulted in multiple steroid injections, according to her attorney, Katherine Reilly of the Kearny law firm of Brady, Brady and Reilly. In addition, the woman required spinal fusion involving a carbon fiber peek cage as well as a pyramid plate with vertebral screws into the body of her spine. The medical bills totaled $239,866, all of which was paid by the plaintiff ’s own insurance company, State Farm.

The defendant was represented by the law office of William E. Staehle with Matthew L. DePetro appearing. The settlement proceeds were paid by Travelers Insurance Co. which insured the vehicle that struck the plaintiff ’s vehicle in the rear.

The case resolved following an arbitration at the Hudson County Superior Court in Jersey City.

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