Proposed school boundary lines – K to 6


Beech St., south of Oakwood Ave.

Chestnut St., south of Oakwood to Bergen Ave.

Devon St., Elm St. and Forest St., south of Oakwood.

Davis Ave. and Hickory St., south of Midland Ave.

Pine St., Spruce St.

Quincy Ave., King St. and Garfield Ave., east of Kearny Ave.

Kearny Ave., between Afton St. and Bergen Ave.

All streets east of Devon St. and south of Oakwood.


All streets west of Kearny Ave., south of New Lawn Ave., and north of Bergen.

Kearny Ave., south of New Lawn and north of Afton.

All streets west of Belgrove Drive and south of N. Midland Ave.

Passaic Ave., south of St. Anthony’s.

NOTE: All current grade 5 students at Garfield will stay at Garfield for grade 6 regardless of where their new boundaries may be st, unless parents ask to have their child move to the new school.


All streets south of Belleville Turnpike and west of, and including, Beech St. and north of Midland Ave.

New Lawn Ave. Kearny Ave., north of Oakwood. Passaic Ave., north of St. Anthony’s.


All streets south of Belleville Pike, east of, and including, Chestnut St. and north of, and including, Midland and E. Midland. Beech St., Chestnut St., Devon St., Elm St., and Forest St., north of, and including, Oakwood.

NOTE: All current grade 5 students in Lincoln School will be moved as a class to Schuyler School regardless of where their new boundaries may be set, unless parents ask to have their child move to the new school.


All streets west of, and including, Chestnut St., and south of, and including, Bergen Ave.

Devon St., between Woodland and Johnson Aves.


All students in grades 7 & 8 will attend Lincoln School.

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