From the lam to the slammer


The Enfamil cans can sleep soundly now on their shelves at Walmart, secure in the knowledge they are no longer in danger of being abducted by a serial shoplifter.

Suspect Danny Morales, 36, of Newark — who has been making regular appearances in the Kearny police blotter — was apprehended last Wednesday, Oct. 29, by Officer Daniel Esteves, who spotted him at 10 p.m. near the Quick Chek at Kearny and Bergen Aves.

Morales had been on the lam since Oct. 20, when he fled Walmart after attempting to (yet again) steal several cans of the baby formula from the store, police said. In that incident however, he reportedly assaulted a security guard, which elevated a simple shoplifting charge to robbery. A $50,000 warrant had been issued for his arrest. Police said he also had a $500 warrant out of Bloomfield.

Prior to the Oct. 20 incident, Morales had been taken into custody three times — on Oct. 2, 14 and 17 — for allegedly stealing Enfamil from Walmart. The product is said to be popular among pilferers because it can be readily fenced for cash.

Last week, Morales was remanded to the Hudson County Jail in lieu of $50,600 bail, with no 10% option. Considering the fact that, when nabbed by Esteves, the suspect had been panhandling for change outside Quick Chek, one can assume he is still languishing in a cell.

– Karen Zautyk 

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