Gold & Diamond Trading: a gem in our own back yard

By Kevin Canessa Jr. 

Observer Correspondent 


If you’re looking to buy gold, silver, platinum or diamond jewelry, Gold & Diamond Trading in Harrison likely has what you need. If you’re looking for a great Rolex, they’ll have that, too. And, if you already possess such items and are looking to sell them, you’ll be able to make some cash at the most reasonable buy-back rates in the area.

For the last six years, Gold & Diamond Trading has been operating at 15 Frank E. Rodgers Boulevard North.

Owner Jack Malki is a third-generation jeweler.

“This has been in the family for three generations,” Malki said. “Before I opened here in Harrison, I operated a business in Rockaway. I really enjoy what I do.”

While there are several jewelers to choose from locally, Malki said there are numerous things that separate his business from the competition. Most notably, he says, 90% of all repairs are done right on site.

“And if a customer has something that needs to be repaired, and we don’t have a part for it, and this rarely happens, we will never ask to keep the customer’s things here – we’ll order the parts — and they come back when the parts arrive. They can leave their items here. But I completely understand that most people don’t want to leave valuables somewhere for any amount of time,” Malki said.

Because all repairs are done on site, chances are if you need something fixed, your wait time will be minimal.

“We do the repairs with great care and concern,” Malki said. “And because I have all the machines here that can do the repairs, if a customer comes in and we have the parts, they can simply wait here and the repairs will be done very quickly. It’s the advantage of having the equipment here — come in, give us what you want repaired, and I’ll do it.”

While there are other employees at Gold & Diamond Trading, Malki says he’s the only person who performs the repairs. His many years of experience — and care for his customers — won’t allow him to do otherwise.

“I want to be sure everything is done correctly and quickly,” he said.

While not all jewelers buy things, Gold & Diamond Trading prides itself on its commitment to buy topquality gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and watches.

“We will assess anything anyone brings in to sell,” he said. “And what separates us from others, again, is that we will offer a very fair price. If someone has a better offer and it’s within reason, we’ll match the offer, as well.”

Generally, most of the watches he buys are genuine Rolexes. And he can spot an authentic one from a fake in a heartbeat.

“Absolutely, I can tell the real ones from the others,” he said.

Another indication of the quality of his work, Malki said, is that he draws customers from all over — not just locally.

“We have customers from Jersey City, Bayonne, North Arlington, Harrison, Kearny — all over,” Malki said. “And we’re able to do this because our customers know if they’re buying, they’ll get the best at the fairest prices. If they’re selling, they’ll make the fairest money back. We treat everyone like they’re our own — and that’s part of the reason we’ve always been successful.”

Visit Gold & Diamond Trading at 15 Frank E. Rodgers Blvd. North, Harrison, Monday to Friday, from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.; and Saturday, from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Visit them on Facebook at Call 973-484-3000.

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