To the editor, 

My family and I are deeply saddened and offended by a flyer that was recently distributed via U.S. Mail to the residents of Lyndhurst by cowardly individuals who implied that I am one and the same as mass murderer, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian Adolph Hitler. Never in my political career have I ever witnessed an attack that rises to this level. I consider it to be defamatory and criminally biased in nature, not only to myself but also to Commissioner DiMaggio.

The flyer makes reference to Hitler’s SS and Secret Police and their tactics, drawing a direct comparison to the affairs of my administration. In addition, the flyer makes reference to me facing criminal charges, which is a ridiculous allegation.

I have made numerous statements over the past seven months since my forced redesignation as Commissioner of Public Safety dealing with suspicious lawsuits being filed naming the Township and myself as the defendants, and issues related to the Joint Insurance Fund (JIF).

This recent flyer only adds to my suspicion concerning all these recent issues combined.

The individuals behind this flyer are few in number but will stop at nothing to destroy my reputation and the reputation of my family.

I was pleasantly surprised, as I am grateful by the outpouring of support and concern from so many Lyndhurst residents. What is most interesting is that many of the residents that have received this flyer in the mail are taking this personally and have shown distaste in having Adolph Hitler’s picture and quotes mailed directly to their homes. Separate and apart from the remedies I plan to seek, many people of the Jewish community have also taken offense, exploring their own legal remedies including contacting the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office and/ or the New Jersey Attorney General.

I call on the residents of Lyndhurst who are offended by this flyer to join me in a positive attempt to seek out the names of the cowards who have orchestrated this most distasteful act.

I thank the residents of Lyndhurst once again, for their trust and support.

Robert Giangeruso 

Mayor of Lyndhurst 



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