Brush to attack plaque, advises Smile Center

One of the easiest dental problems to spot is a buildup of plaque, the soft, sticky layer of bacteria that is constantly forming on the teeth. It is usually invisible to the naked eye. However, when a person is not brushing adequately, enough plaque can build up to appear as a thick, whitish coating on the teeth at the gum line. If not removed, it can lead to gum disease.

Another dental problem that is easy to spot is missing teeth. Many patients assume that if they are still able to eat, their teeth are fine. But often, losing just one tooth can have a cascading effect on a patient’s dental health.

Losing one tooth can cause a loss of support; teeth may begin to drift into the empty space, causing a change in the bite. It also forces the remaining teeth to carry an additional load, sometimes past their ability to adapt.

In most cases, when even one tooth is lost, the remaining teeth suffer and are more likely to be lost as well.

The Smile Center and Implant Center, 837 Kearny Ave., can help in the treatment of problems such as these. They offer all phases of general and cosmetic dentistry and also all dental specialties in one location. Every new technique and scientific knowledge is used to give patients the smile of their dreams.

With many years of experience and education the doctors at The Smile and Implant Center have, you can be confident you’ll get an expert diagnosis and treatment of your dental work.

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